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We are steadily expanding and always interested in potential employees with the following exceptional qualifications:

  • Innovative ideas in signal processing.
  • Advanced knowlodge in radar and other active sensing systems.
  • Practical experience in hardware and/or software development.

Our pay package is highly competitive.

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Positions available

Position: Signal Processing Engineer

Full/Part Time: Full-time

Description: Signal Processing Engineer to perform algorithm research, development and application activities in the area of statistical signal processing. The engineer will be responsible for development and implementation of detection and estimation algorithms in support of government contracts. Additional technologies that the position could involve include: statistical signal and array processing, sparse signal recovery, pattern recognition, machine learning, remote sensing, radar systems, and hardware implementations such as embedded DSP and FPGA systems. Communicating complex technical ideas, both in formal presentations and in written documents, is an important part of the position. The engineer will be working in a team environment that includes scientists and engineers.

Essential Duties:

  • Research, develop and apply detection, parameter estimation and other statistical signal processing algorithms to problems of interest.
  • Implement signal processing algorithms in hardware or software as appropriate.
  • Present the results of algorithm research and development to internal and external audiences.
  • Document results of algorithm research and development with internal reports and external publications.
  • Maintain a close interface with the various programmatic and project elements to ensure effective teamwork and end-user communication.
  • Perform installation and checkout as necessary to bring designed algorithms into operation, including generation of formal functional test procedures.
  • Participate in formal and informal design reviews.
  • Participate in field deployments and exercises.


  • PhD (preferred) in Electrical Engineering, Statistics or a related field.
  • Demonstrated experience in programming languages commonly used in signal processing.
  • US citizenship or permanent residence is required.
  • Relocation to Gainesville, Florida is required.